the’fax online: Oct. 23, 2009

This week’s show, the FIRST OF THE NEW SEASON, comes from the public library at Spring Garden Road. Jared Hochman gives us the first look. (For more from the man wearing that slick that ball cap, click here)


After seeing the trailer, watch the real deal by clicking the big link Jared just told you about. Or watch any individual story by moving the Vimeo cursor to the start times listed below here.

As well, if you see (more) beside a reporter’s name, click on it for added value content!

the’fax October 23,2009

Runs 18:51, starts @ 00:00 with headlines and hellos from hosts Laura Parlee and Doug Gelevan

@ 00:39 New Library (Michelle Paul reporting)

@ 3:11 Library Tour (Kathleen Hunter reporting)

@ 4:51 NSCC Strike (Jared Hochman reporting)

@ 6:32 Joe Howe Symposium (Kristy Hutter reporting) (more)

@ 7:56 Rogers Futurist (Kristy Hutter reporting) (more)

@ 10:42 Digital Archives (Vincenzo Ravina reporting) (more)

@ 13:11 Homeless Health (Afton Aikens reporting) (more)

@ 15:16 Nocturne (Clare Marshall reporting) (more)

@ 18:05 Goodbyes and credits (With our hosts)


One response to “the’fax online: Oct. 23, 2009

  1. Fwd from Nick L – BJ08 and a co-host of last year’s first show:

    hope the new batch are having fun. the first hosts did well … almost as good as last year’s first hosts 😛
    my only notes so far:
    don’t be afraid to use the sun guns
    plug the radio mics into the wall when shooting events in venues like alumni “worst place to shoot in halifax” hall. remember, i did that with
    the muslims & media event. that way you get all mics that are patched in and are free to move.

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