the’fax: October 29, 2009

Our first televised episode of the’fax for the season!

Check out the trailer for a peek at what’s in store –

And click on the image below for the full episode.

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Full episode

Jessie Ross and Afton Aikens host our first televised episode of the season. Kristy Hutter takes in the sights at a climate change rally. Laura Parlee briefs us on the city’s new transit report. Afton Aikens talks to people who knew and loved the soon-to-be-torn-down apartment building on Hollis and Morris. Jessie Ross gives us the details on an expanded library lending program (produced by Karen Jouhal). Doug Gelevan investigates a rent-to-own housing plan for the North End of Halifax. Amy Stoodley has two reports: she was on the scene for Dartmouth’s March Against Violence. Also, she explains urban farming. Laura Parlee has the story about a special social networking site for kids in hospital. Tiffany Grant learns more about ‘re-entry shock,’ a phenomenon that some international students face when they go back home. Jared Hochman goes to the Fall Festival of Fire and catches up with a man who makes art with fire. Michelle Paul talks to a jingle dress dancer in honour of Mi’kmaq history month and our sports reporters, Doug and Jared, debate the benefits of home field advantage.

For extra material, special features and generally amazing supplementary content, check these out:

Afton Aikens has more from the people who lived in and loved the apartment building on Hollis and Morris HERE.

More fire art interview footage from Jared Hochman is HERE.

Do you think Rent-to-Own is feasible? Doug Gelevan wants to hear what you have to say! Respond to his poll HERE.

Michelle Paul has a full jingle dress dance and extended interview footage HERE.

Does home field advantage make the difference?  Doug Gelevan and Jared Hochman want to hear your opinion. Respond to the poll HERE.

Kristy Hutter has more on climate change HERE.

Tiffany Grant in her reporter’s notebook explains her own experience with reentry shock HERE

This has been Vincenzo Ravina, web producer.


One response to “the’fax: October 29, 2009

  1. Very nice show, a lot of variety. A bit for every one. I specially enjoyed Michelle Paul’s story. Doug and Jared’s argument was a very original way of presenting the piece. It kept me interested in the story because it was fun, even though I don’t like sports that much. Jessie Ross looks fantastic on camera. Vicenzo Ravina is great too, he brings some natural energy to his presentation. Looking forward to see next week’s presentation!

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