the’fax: November 5, 2009

It’s our second televised episode of the season!

Check out our trailer to get the scoop on some of our stories:

And click on the image below to view the full episode.

Screen shot 2009-10-29 at 1.33.39 PM

Full Episode

Tiffany Grant and Amy Stoodley host our second televised episode of the season. Meggan Desmond tells us about a dropped contract between Starbucks and the Italian Market. Laura Parlee checked out an Anne Murray book signing. Kathleen Hunter listens in on a conversation from space. Laura Parlee looked into the Nova Scotia beef business while Vincenzo Ravina solved the mystery of the concrete tree. Jessie Ross went to SMU to get a look at the living wall. Kristy Hutter followed the H1N1 vaccine rollout while Doug Gelevan and Kathleen Hunter took the questions of regular people to medical professionals. Michelle Paul shows us how to make bannock bread. Afton Aikens asks why it’s so difficult to grab a quick drink on Quinpool Road. Jared Hochman visits a Halifax day care that will soon have more students. Doug Gelevan tells us how Nova Scotia athletes get into the Hall of Fame. Clare Marshall gets the rundown on the runway at fashion week.

WANT MORE? Check out this fantastic web-added content from our very own ‘fax reporters:

For more information about the Nova Scotia beef business, click HERE.

For the lastest on the H1N1 vaccine rollout, click HERE.

To get the answers to your H1N1 questions, click HERE.

And to check out Tiffany Grant’s take on H1N1 and universities, click HERE.

To learn more about bannock bread, click HERE.

Vincenzo Ravina has an outtake and extended concrete tree commentary HERE.

For more on Doug Gelevan’s look into the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame, click HERE.

Thanks for watching, and remember to catch us Thursdays @ 7:30 on EastLink Television, channel 10!


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