the ‘fax online: Jan.28, 2010

Catch us on air Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 8 p.m. on Eastlink channel 10.

Get the short version by checking out the trailer below.

Watch the whole show here, or check out individual reports and additional online elements in the list below.

Value Added Content:

Watch an interview with Jason Eisener, as he talks about the genesis of The Thrillema, a series of screenings of classic action, horror and sci-fi movies.

On Wednesday ex-NHL player  Mike Danton scored his first goal as a member of the Saint Mary’s Huskies just a week after he held his first press conference. More from his conference can be seen here.


One response to “the ‘fax online: Jan.28, 2010

  1. Hey, just so you know, I posted the interview with Jason Eisener on my blog. Great work on it! Keep covering the local arts, pretty please!

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