the ‘fax- November 25, 2010

This week, the ‘fax investigates Emergency Health Service practice of staying with patients until they get a hospital bed; we find out some issues that are causing delays for certain vendors at the Halifax Seaport Market;  and we found out why St. John’s United wants to tear down their church to make room for a gay-friendly seniors complex.

Watch this week’s show hosted by Jillian Coubrough and Adrian Lee.

Web Producer: Jessica Harding

This week’s web exclusives:

King’s Journalism alumni Adam Miller is a freelance journalist in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Marlena Loughheed talked to him on Monday, November 22nd about what he saw in the hours following a tragic stampede that killed over 350 people.

Dr. Daniel Krewski from the University of Ottawa brought INTERPHONE‘s findings to Dalhousie University. Some scientists are still not convinced the research has lead to tangible results. Mick Cote finds out why.

Spirit Place is yet to become a reality for St. John’s United Church. Here is a look at what they hope to build.

Halifax Rainmen, president and owner, Andre Levingston talks about what he is looking for in his players and how he sees the upcoming season.

All of the fantastic Movember mustaches will soon be shaved-off. Lynette MacLeod has a one-on-one interview with a testicular cancer survivor who is making it his mission to make other men more aware of their health.


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