The ‘fax Episode 3 trailer

This week on the ‘fax we look at problems with panhandlers on the streets of Halifax, reveal some downfalls of the university rankings system, and see students publicly criticize Tim O’Neill and his report on Nova Scotia universities.  This, along with a whole lot more from the team at King’s TV news.

Watch the full episode hosted by Sarah Mann and Lynette MacLeod

Web Trailer Producer: Scott Riddell

Web Only Content

Jillian Coubrough asked Dr. Victor Day what 5 tips he would give students to keep stress down.

Mick Cote compiled the highlights of the panel discussion on the report from Tim O’Neill about Nova Scotia universities.

That event was livestreamed in full with commentary and interviews from the King’s TV news team, and can be seen here.

And Scott Riddell posted his extended interview with Secretary General of Amnesty International Canada, Alex Neve, about what’s next for Omar Khadr and Canada’s role.


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