the ‘fax Episode 4 – Dec. 9, 2010

This week on the’fax, we checked out an archaeological dig  in Point Pleasant Park…

We found out why speed skaters are losing out big on ice time, and the complications surrounding an effort to send books to Afghanistan.  Check out all this and way more on Thursday at 7:30 pm on EastLink TV.

Watch the full show, hosted by Marlena Loughheed and Jessica Harding.

Web Trailer Producer: Jillian Coubrough

Web Only Content:

Jessica Harding attended the memorial service for the 93rd anniversary of the Halifax Explosion.  She captured some of author, Janet Kitz’s story-telling and got to ask her some questions. Click here.

Turtle Grove was a small Mi’kmaq community destroyed by the Halifax
Explosion. Survivors never rebuilt the settlement. Today, the
Millbrook First Nation is looking to get some of that lost land back.
Lynette MacLeod has a video, map and some quick facts explaining what

In the 1980s, Eric Smith was a teacher on Cape Sable Island. Mick Côté sat down with him and talked about what the last twenty years have been like living with HIV.


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