the ‘fax Episode 1: January 20, 2011

This week we’ve got our first full length episode of the new year.

New stories that you might not find anywhere else.

In a special report this week, we looked at some of the risks in gay cruising.

In other stories: the biggest exhibition in town, problems in homeless shelters and an unusual fair for people considering divorce.

Watch the trailer or click on the link below for the full show.

Web Trailer Producer/ Host: Julia Greer Black

Watch us Thursday nights at 7:30pm on Eastlink TV.

Or at your convenience watch the show online, hosted by Rebecca Spence and Gwyneth Dunsford. This week’s producers: Meredith Bailey and Justin Mahoney.

Web Only Content: More from the stories we covered this week.

Following two robberies over the holidays, Justin Mahoney and Stephanie Directo investigated the world of gay cruising in Halifax…and its dangers, even online.

Sue the T-Rex opened to the public on Saturday, but Jordana Levine watched the dinosaur being put together. She also spoke to several first-graders who got to see Sue first. Learn more about the construction and what the kids had to say.

Rebecca Spence learned how to fashion a fake wedding cake out of fondant icing and Styrofoam.


One response to “the ‘fax Episode 1: January 20, 2011

  1. You guys did a fabulous job. I’m glad to see the’fax excel again this term 🙂
    Love the great work.

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