the ‘fax Episode 3: Feb. 3, 2011

Here’s a sneak peek of this week’s show.

1) Gwyneth Dunsford reports on the Everything To Do With Sex Show.

2) Dean of Dalhousie Architecture supports students’ walkout.  Bethany Horne reports.

3) Is this guy the new Jackie Chan? Elliot Scott is a Martial arts star, writer and filmmaker in Halifax.  Rebecca Spence catches up with him.

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Web trailer producer: Liz Brown.

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Show producer: Meaghan Philpott

Show hosts: Julia Greer Black & Alex Boates


*The Dalhousie School of Architecture

An interview with faculty member Grant Wanzel: Grant Wanzel says overload teaching is a “chronic problem in the School of Architecture.”  Students and faculty are fed up, says Wanzel, calling this an “emergency situation.” Interview by Bethany Horne.

*Student Day of Action

Student protester: An aspiring creative arts therapist says debt stands in the way of her future.  Kings TV News reporter, Stephanie Directo and Bethany Horne report.

DJ Yellow Fever pumps up the crowd:

A dance party of protesters hit the streets of Halifax.

Dr. Laura Penny: Dalhousie professor likens the Student Day of Action to  the movie Groundhog Day.  She’s spent more than a decade of protesting and won’t relent.

What about the others: Some students did not protest.   Kings TV News reporter, Rebecca Spence learns why.

Off with their heads: Using theatrics and guillotines, these students demand action.

“It’s the same struggle.”: A student’s tuition struggle is compared to the marginalized, poor and issues surrounding climate change.

Gabe Hoogers: is pleased with the number of students protesting.

Thanks for watching.  The Kings TV News crew is  busy preparing the final show, Episode 4.  It airs next Thursday at 7:30pm on Eastlink TV Channel 10.

Don’t miss it!


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