the ‘fax WebTrailer – Show 4, Feb. 10, 2011

It’s the last episode of our season.

We’ll bring you stories about hobbyists who dress from a different era. And, you may get hungry – our reporters were at a reality show cook-off and a vegetarian get-together.

All that and more on the full-length episode the ‘fax.

Our new season starts in the fall. Thanks for watching!

There’s extra footage about stories in the show on our site: site:

* Ice wine is known for the taste of its sugars condensing in the cold temperatures of our Nova Scotian winters. It had a celebration this week, but one “Halifamous” bartender known for his ice wine martini didn’t even know about it, but still likes to show off his drink and told Julia Greer Black more about it.

* Jordana Levine met with hopefuls for the new Food Network show, Recipe to Riches. Learn about some of the people who auditioned.

* Rebecca Spence went to dinner and talked with vegetarians about why they chose the lifestyle.

This video was produced by: Alex Boates & Meaghan Philpott


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