the ‘fax: Nov. 26, 2013 (Ep. 3)

Hosted by Jenn Cameron and Moh Hashem.

This week on the ‘fax: find out why local fire stations are closing their doors; a brave feat earns some divers an award; listen to what protesters outside the International Security Forum had to say; and a viral video encourages young girls to take an interest in engineering.

Check out the web preview!

See the full show here.

For more information about fire stations closing click here.

Our story about the GoldieBlox viral TV ad contained inaccurate information about legal action between the toy company and the Beastie Boys, whose song is adapted for the video. We stated that the band was suing the company for copyright infringement. This was not the case. However, the song was used without permission and the toy company has pulled the video from the Internet .

There are many links with more details on this story, among them

Posted by Sarah Lawrynuik.


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