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the ‘fax: Feb 4 – Feb 10

Hosted by Adrienne Bernstein and Jessica Filoso.

This week on the ‘fax: vendors at the Seaport Market aren’t too happy with a new recipe calendar put out by the government; what it would mean if Halifax had a breast milk bank, and Dalhousie’s opera workshop shows off young singers in a classic fairy tale.

Check out the trailer below, and you can catch the whole show here.


The ‘Fax: Jan 28 – Feb 4

Hosted by Braeden Jones and Catharina de Waal

This week on the ‘fax, we got animals, February holidays, X-treme sports, and beard oil.

You can watch the whole show here

the ‘fax: Jan. 28, 2014

Hosted by Rebecca Joseph and Kelsey Power

This week on the ‘fax: We visit FANfit, a pay-to-play fitness event in support of possible Olympic and Paralympic athletes, some scuba divers explore a mysterious wreckage and Haligonians enjoy a citywide snow day.

You can watch the whole show here. …or screen the trailer first:

Posted by: Jessica Filoso

the’fax: Jan. 23, 2014

This week on the’fax: A bus schedule app keeps riders out of the cold and wins silver at a startup competition, we check out the Halifax pothole situation and kids learn history through a collection of poems.

Check it out:

You can watch the whole show here.

If you’re hungry for more Halifax news check out our web-only extras.

Have you seen the pro-life ads on busses? They are stirring up controversy and some Haligonians are fighting back. This week Adrienne Bernstein talked to Allison Sparling about why she is crowdfunding a pro-choice ad campaign.

Posted by: Helen Pike

the’fax : Jan. 17, 2014 (ep. 0.5)

In our first show of the new year, we’re online-only as we gear up a new TV news workshop at the University of King’s College.

Watch the show on Vimeo:

This week:
-City council is looking into clear garbage bags…again;
-A Dal student tells how he almost bought stolen property;
-Ditching your New Year’s resolution… already!

Hosts: Yvette Naniuzeyi and Jessica Filoso
Producer: Rebecca Joseph
Assignment: Helen Pike

the ‘fax: Dec. 3, 2013

This week on the ‘Fax: One Match helps save the life of a little girl; pilot boats get recognized for their important duties; the hug train brings a difference to those across Canada and the U.S.

Watch the whole show, or check it out here in the web preview!


CORRECTION: The web preview script suggests that Reese Hawkins is a potential donor in the OneMatch program. In fact, she was a recipient.

To learn more about Sarah Lawrynuik’s story on OneMatch, click here

For more on Jennifer Grudic’s story on Pilot Boats, including an interview with Atlantic Pilotage Authority CEO Captain Anthony McGuinness, click here.

Web-only report – (to come) Matt Gray reports from the annual vigil for World AIDS Day.

The Santa Quest pictures provided by Tell Tale Productions

the ‘fax: Nov. 26, 2013 (Ep. 3)

Hosted by Jenn Cameron and Moh Hashem.

This week on the ‘fax: find out why local fire stations are closing their doors; a brave feat earns some divers an award; listen to what protesters outside the International Security Forum had to say; and a viral video encourages young girls to take an interest in engineering.

Check out the web preview!

See the full show here.

For more information about fire stations closing click here.

Our story about the GoldieBlox viral TV ad contained inaccurate information about legal action between the toy company and the Beastie Boys, whose song is adapted for the video. We stated that the band was suing the company for copyright infringement. This was not the case. However, the song was used without permission and the toy company has pulled the video from the Internet .

There are many links with more details on this story, among them

Posted by Sarah Lawrynuik.