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Update on hockey hazing at Dalhousie

The Dalhousie women’s hockey team met with the president of the university today, but the players are still suspended, and they’re still not talking about why.

 The university suspended all but five players on the team in January following a six-week investigation into a hazing incident that took place at a house party in September.
At the meeting this morning they asked Dal president Tom Traves to reconsider their suspension.
Afterwards the players left quickly and wouldn’t talk to waiting media.
Dal spokesperson Charles Crosby talked to us about the meeting but didn’t seem to offer much hope to the players. Nor would he get into details.
The Dalhousie hazing policy says coaches must ensure compliance with the rules. The women’s coach, Sean Fraser, declined a phone interview.
Posted by reporters Elise Palmer and Zane Woodford.
For more on this story, check out the Dalhousie Gazette. 
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Update January 16: the decision to suspend the players stands. 

Statement from Dalhousie University:

“On January 14 Dalhousie President Dr. Tom Traves met with the members of the University Varsity Women’s Hockey team to address concerns raised by them. Following discussion at the meeting, Dr. Traves agreed to further consider their comments.  Dr. Traves has now confirmed that  the decision to suspend the players, other than the first year players, stands.”

Statement by players can be found here.

Note sections:

5. No one ever told us that our actions were wrong. We never saw the University’s Hazing Policy prior to last week.
6. In particular, no coach in the past four years has told us about the University’s Hazing Policy or the consequences for violating it.

the’fax for Nov. 29, 2012 (episode 4)

This week’s show includes the shutdown of an atmospheric research project at Dalhousie, “green” concrete and what Black Friday looks like in Halifax.

Hosts are Jessica Jay and Matt Woodman.

web-only stories:

Chris Putnam at the annual HRM Christmas Tree lighting ; Meghan McCabe at the Spryfield parade; Chris Putnam’s look at new copyright laws;  Art in a hurry by Kate Howell; a tour of HRM’s new morgue, and Aaron Williams’ trip to the Nova Centre meeting.

posted by Aaron Williams

the’fax: November 15, 2012 (ep. 2)

This week’s episode of the’fax covers Remembrance Day ceremonies, tips on winter cycling, Nova Scotia’s new math curriculum, and more.

Hosts: Samantha Alexander, Aaron Williams.

This week’s web exclusives:

Matt Woodman asks how much influence the Maclean’s rankings had on your choice of university in this poll.
Alison Chiang reports on automated external defibrillators and a medical marijuana protest outside City Hall.
Leena Ali asks what an archaeological team found during a dig on Argyle Street.
Randi Beers takes a camera to see a model ship builder at work.
Chris Putnam gives an example of the difference between the new math and the old math.
Christian Pollard finds out what bike polo is.

the’fax: November 15, 2012 Show Trailer

Remembrance Day is the highlight of this week’s episode of the’fax. Chris Putnam gives a preview.

Watch the full show here.

the’fax: November 8th 2012 Show Trailer

This week the’fax takes a local look at the US Election.  Get the short version of this week’s show from Jessica Jay in the video above.


The’fax: November 8th, 2012 (ep.1)

This week on the’fax, our stories include a local look at the United States election, a new city council’s first meeting, a zombie uprising over tuition costs, vinyl resurgence and much more.

Hosts: Christian Pollard & Dorian Geiger

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Leena Ali looks at a pumpkin carving tradition.
Kate Howell shows us how tattoo guns are prepped.
Chris Putnam takes us into art conservation and what the average person can do to care for their art.
Matt Woodman spends some time with one of Halifax’s most famous donair makers.
Aaron Williams gives us a look at the life of a ferry boat captain.
Christian Pollard helps demonstrate just how to keep your skates properly sharpened.

the ‘fax Episode .5 – Jan. 13, 2011

This week on the ‘fax:

We preview the arrival of a T-Rex named Sue at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History.

A birthday celebration at a beach… in January!

And students at NSCAD craft a different way to protest rising tuition fees.

Watch the full show, hosted by Liz Brown and Stephanie Directo and Produced by Alex Botes.

Check out all this and way more on Thursday at 7:30 pm on EastLink TV.